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The Quick Lube Nightmares Video

October 29, 2011 @ 4:06 pm
by Don
  Just in time from Halloween I bringing you the biggest scare of them all. Enjoy the short video "Quick Lube Nightmares" you can thank me later. Save yourself, Click The Add To Cart Button Below   Quick Lube Nightmares         "Stop Getting screwed"                     Quick Lube Nightmares Is Now available In Kindle Format. Follow the Link Bellow To The Kindle Store To Get Your Copy Today   Follow this Link

Video Review Of Quick Lube Nightmares

August 29, 2011 @ 12:31 am
by Don
Video review of Quick Lube Nightmares, it starts to introduce some of the pro and con of car care that Quick Lube Nightmares touches upon.

Quick Lube Nightmares… What’s So Scary?

Quick Lube Nightmares   Quick Lube Nightmares, what’s so scary you’re probably asking yourself about now what so dang scary about getting your oil changed? Right!   Did you know that most people believe that quick lube oil places are doing a good job of caring for their Autos Is this You! You say I’ve taken my car in every 3000 miles and had the oil changed like clock work I had them fix what they told me is wrong The car runs OK Really? For Now Anyway, Lets see what time does and what happens next? Do you truly […]