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Join Quick Lube class action law suit

Join Quick Lube class action law suit

October 29, 2011 @ 3:34 pm
by Don
Below helps to enforce my opinion of the quick lube industry I have posted these Class Action Law
suits to help those have not read Quick Lube Nightmares or headed my warnings.
I realize that for some of you this book may have come to late. So as a help to you I decide to post these links in case it could help you and other recover some of your money and give you a little satisfaction.
They think you have no power to do anything to stop them but you do.
There's power in numbers, so if you have complaints involving the quick lube industries you can join in and help take ledge action to stop this from happening.
You can join by follow the links
Your friend
Don Minor
"The law firm of Shores, WIlliamson, and Ohaebosim, LLC is investigating gross misconduct against Jiffy Lube, Inc.  In fact the firm will file a class action petition against Jiffy Lube within the near future.  The suit will attack three general business practices that has harmed consumers across the country.  (1) The company pushes "mechanics" to make sales that in turn causes the "mechanics" to place undue pressure on consumers and often causes the "mechaincs" to recommend services and products that are unnecessary. (2) Jiffy Lube represents that the "mechanics" that it employs are certified, yet in reality such individuals receive more training in sales techniques than in mechanical areas, thereby causing extreme damage to the vehicles of individuals.  I am not prepared to disclose the third aspect at this time.  I will just state that the defendant is committing a serious fraud.
Why am I here?  Currently the firm represents a consumer in Kansas.  However, the more compelling stories from accross the country that we see, the more we are learning that Jiffy Lube has problems that are not isolated to a few locations.  If you would like to join this suit, or at least have your story heard, please send an email to l.williamson@swolawfirm.com.  Please include your first and last name, contact information, nature of complaint against Jiffy Lube, whether or not you retained receipts, date of last visit with Jiffy Lube, and what you would like to see happen in a class action suit against Jiffy Lube.  We will send more detailed information about the process to those who are interested.
Lastly, we are extremely interested in hearing from current or former employees who can shed some light on the practices of Jiffy Lube.  Your information will be held confidential unless you state otherwise.  Thank you.
The attached Complaint, which was filed in federal court in Seattle, is one of a number of suits involving the so-called "environmental surcharge" imposed by Jiffy Lube and most of its franchisees. Unlike the suit against Jiffy Lube International, settled in an Oklahoma state court for coupons (which settlement we have opposed), we seek money from Jiffy Lube franchisees throughout the country for the members of the Class who either paid the "environmental surcharge."
We will forward a copy of the Complaint to interested Jiffy Lube oil change customers who have paid this charge.
Also see: Class Action
For more information, contact: Richard D. Greenfield [whitehatrdg@earthlink.net]
December 2006.  An Oklahoma judge is set to approve a nationwide settlement of class action lawsuits by drivers who accuse Jiffy Lube International Inc., a subsidiary of Shell Oil Co. of adding surcharges to their oil-change bills over the past five years, NewsOK.com reports.
The settlement, which would close at least nine pending class action cases from California to New Jersey, will give customers a $5 discount on their next oil change, while the three law firms that negotiated with Houston-based Jiffy Lube would split $2.75 million.
However, some attorneys are trying to kill the nationwide deal describing at it as a sham that would shortchange millions of customers and are now planning to ask a state district judge in Tahlequah to reject the deal at a hearing Nov. 17.
According to the Company, the added charge in question is the "environmental surcharge" that ranged from 80 cents to $1.25 added to the price of an oil change at Jiffy Lube's 400 company- owned stores from late 1999 until April.
Jiffy Lube refused to reveal how many customers paid the charge, which the company stopped imposing after customer complaints and several lawsuits and instead stated that the company performed about 30 million oil changes last year at Jiffy Lube shops, including franchise stores.
In accordance with the settlement, the company has mailed around 7.3 million coupons to customers of company-owned stores, who were identified from a database, and promised not to charge a similar fee again.
Critics say the company called the fee an environmental surcharge to fool customers into thinking it was a tax. But, according to Scott R. Shepherd, a Pennsylvania attorney who sued the company "It was just a straight rip-off for $1.25 every time someone came in. They were hiding a price increase."
According to Mike Lawrence, a publicist hired by Jiffy Lube to answer questions related to the lawsuits, the company began charging the fee to recover the costs of environmental regulations designed to prevent and clean up oil spills,
The lawyers who are attacking the settlement complain that customers who went to one of the 1,800 stores run by franchisees will get nothing. Marc A. Wites, a Florida lawyer, said it would only cover eight million of the 34 million people who paid the surcharge. He further adds that consumers would only get just a $5 coupon, which is less than what Jiffy Lube's advertised deals state.

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  • sarah greenwald
    August 29, 2013

    Hi my name is Sarah Greenwald I live in Akron Ohio. I went the the Lube Shop on Canton Road to get my oil changed for the first time. I had bought a Honda civic 2012. my first oil change in it since the dealer. It was time to change it again and I went to a nother shop he told me it would be 69.00 I said for what. He said that the oil i needed he didn’t carry because, it needed a snythic oil. And it even said it on the oil cap. I told him I went to the lube shop on canton rd and they charged me 29.00. He said then you might want to get receipt to find out what kinda of oil they had put in it. Because, it can blow the engine or make the seal leak. So, I went to the Lube shop where I had the oil changed the lady there told me it was a low grade and would hurt the engine it was cheap so you would have to go to the dealer.So she made me pop the top of the hood. and I had asked her how much it was for snythic oil she said it was 79.00 but the oil they put in it was ok. So the guy looked on the oil cap and it said .02w5.I think that this is what it said. I don’t have my cap or booklet on it right now because,Im writtig this. So I was driving off and I heard her say ooosh.So I took it to the dealer and they also told me it was the wrong oil. I kept the receipt.But, I think that this was a overlook on there part and I hope that it doesn’t effect my engine of any kind because, of the neglect of not reading the oil cap.I just felt like she tried to cover it up and made up a story saying it was ok and Honda allow a lower grad of oil. So you didn’t need a snythic.The oil they had put in it was a heaver oil and it allows the car not to perform right. It is a Econ.So a lower grade is heavier then a snythic.Please help me. I would like to join the lawsuit on these people. This is wrong we pay so much for new cars and on there neglect they can make more problems on a car owner because thencan put wrong oil in them.And tell them it wont hurt the car.Thank you

    • Don
      October 17, 2013

      Sarah, Sorry to hear you learn the hard way about what can happen. I suggest you purchase my book so you will know how to keep from have this happen to you again and what to watch for.

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