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Quick Lube Nightmares Author Don Minor Quick Lube Nightmares Author Don Minor

HI, My name is Don Minor, I have been a mechanic for over 30 years and in that 30 I seen many things in the car industry that I truly don't agree with.

I created this site to help protect the general public and to hopefully help bring the standers up in the automotive repair industry.

I have watch and seen to many people being taken advantage of over the years. Because of there lack of knowledge.

Women specially and some men.

It time the public learns ways to protect themselves, from the ones the can't seem to operate with honesty and integrity.

The only thing they care about is a fast buck.

This is the first is a series of books in the making that will open the eyes of many.

I will probably take some heat over this, but I hate what's been happening in the automotive repair industry.

A few have made a bad name for all of us and it's time the finger was pointed in the right directions.  

There are many of mechanical shops that do your best to do a good job for their customers but there that few that really puts a black mark on all the rest of us.

It is my hope that my products, teach you as a consumer what you need to now to protect yourself. plus save you time and money.

consumer safety is another reason I doing this

You should be able to enjoy your automobile, after all, it's part of the America dream.

Nice meeting you and hope you enjoy the site and the book.

Don Minor